We are a family owned and operated kennel located near Charlotte, North Carolina.  With that said we are able to provide excellent care and individual socialization with all of our Dogue de Bordeauxs (French Mastiffs).  Our DDB's are from some pretty famous championship bloodlines.  Such as Brandoux Toezzz, Van de Paterhoek, La Tour Gelee,  and De Legeane.  Most of these are old French, Hungarian, and Belgian bloodlines that trace back 50 years of bordeaux breeding. 


So in saying that, you know you are getting a champion bloodline bordeaux that is at the TOP of the pyramid when it comes to the bordeaux breed (French Mastiff).  Below is a little history on these bloodlines and the background of where your Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) puppies came from.  These puppies will be excellent show quality dogs or wonderful family companions.


We are committed to breeding only the best Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) that display great temperament, sound structure, and promote good health to the betterment of the breed.  I am sure you will fall in love with this amazing breed.  They display firm protection for you and your family, while on the other hand they are gentle giants when it comes to showing affection to you and your family (especially children).  I look forward to assisting you in finding the perfect bordeaux for you and your  family.

Our DDB's Champion Bloodlines & Their History

* Rolling out our RedRoyal Carpet *



Brandoux Toezzz - from Dutch, producing Multi- Champions and World Champions.  Our stud "Leo" is doubled up on the Toezzz Bloodline -mom & dad.  In his pedigree is World Champion Brandoux Toezzz, one of the most well known in the breed and his son Int'l Champion Debonnaire staying at Paragon Bordeaux now.


Emberez / Van de Paterhoek - from Belgium, the top show kennels in the World since 1992.  Producing World Champions  Enferno, Jimmy, and much more.  All over Leo's, Blair's, Korra's and Adessa's pedigree.


La Tour Gelee - from France, producing top quality Champions since 1994.  Some of there outstanding bordeauxs are Int'l Ch. Balrog, Butcher, Uxy Pugsy, and last but not least is Ulthaar.  Our girl Adessa is out of this outstanding bloodline.


De Legeane – from Netherlands, since 1991.  They are another Championship producing kennel and the standard of the breed.  We are excited to have a World Champion in World Champion Jack out of Paragon Bordeaux, we have a Jack daughter -Korra.